Delixia Essenze Concentrate

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Aromi concentrati per diluizione Delixia by Vaporart
Made in Italy

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7 Leaves Tobacco concentrated flavor. The king of our tobacco aromatic line. A slection of seven premium tobacco to create this fantastic flavour. Seven classic and strong delicious taste leaves to have the perfect mix. A must for every lover of tobacco taste.

Antartika Mint concentrated flavor. The strongest mint to vape. A mix of 4 different mints to obtain a glacial factor. Antartika Mint concentrated aroma to be vaped alone or mixed with other flavors.

Hazelnut concentrated flavor. A strong and delicious hazelnut. This natural and cremous Hazelnut concentrated flavor har a rich aroma and it gives you a start point to mix a lot of other flavors.

Classic Coffe concentrated flavor. From a selection from premium arabica coffees we created a round and natural coffee flavor. Coffee concentrated aroma to be vaped alone or mixed with other flavors.

Chocolate concentrated flavor. A classic sweet and milky chocolate. A pure and soft quality concentrated aroma to be vaped alone or mixed after its mix in a neutral base.

Coffee and Sambuca liquor concentrated flavor. Italian coffee is absolutely a tradition, and nobody better than italian can create a perfect espresso. Is it all here? No, we decided to add something more and to reproduce a classic of italian bar: a mix between coffee and sambuca. Sambuca is a traditional italian liquor, mainly with an anice taste and some licorice notes inside. Enjoy a round flavor of coffee with a perfect liquor mix.

Cuban Tobacco concentrated flavor. A classic and one of the best seller from Elixir International eliquids collection. Cuban Tobacco concentrated flavor to be vaped alone or mixed with other flavors.

Grapefruit concentrated flavor. The bitter taste and sour grapefruit, an excellent natural aroma Use in pairs or mix with other fruit. To vape diluated in neutral base.

Golden Virginia concentrated flavor. This is a new flavor in our collection, published only as a concentrated flavor. An incredible Virginia aroma, to vape alone or mixed with other flavors, absolutly an excellence in Virginia tobacco kinds

Black Licorice concentraded flavor. The most pure and fragrant aroma of licorice for a svapare alone, mixed in neutral basis, or mixed with other flavors.

Magic Pear concentrated flavor. Absinth and pear. A classic taste for vapers, reviewed by Elixir International. Delicate and soft as usually we work with our flavors.

Melon concentrated flavor. Elixir International fruits eliquids are a part of the success of this company. A powerful perfume and a natural taste, so far from every other chemical reproduction. A must for fruit lovers

Mint and Licorice concentrated flavor. Another Best Seller, you can't have enough of this flavors. A perfect balance from a fresh mint and a pure licorice.

Mixed Berries concentrated flavor. Another Best Seller, you can't have enough of this flavors. A perfect balance from red, blue, and black wild fruits. For everybody who already tried our ready to vape eliquid Mixed Berries, this is a real hit.

Milk Pie concentrated flavor. This is a particular mix, very interesting to be used as a basic ingredient in cremous mix. We used a pure and delicate milk flavor mixing with a pasta for cakes. Just try it and enjoy your new cake!

Peach concentrated flavor. A classic flavor such as fishing, in its scented creamy shades and of course that recall the true fruit. The summer from biting. To vape diluated in neutral base.

Purple Grapes concentrated flavor. This is one of our most appreciated flavor. Sweet and soft, to be vaped all day long, a flavor dedicated for lovers of fruit and grape.

Raspberry concentrated flavor. Fruits category is absolutly the best place where to buy this kind of flavors. With Raspberry you will appreciate thr real flavor of this fruit

Re-Bekka concentrated flavor. A particular tobacco flavor. It is very difficult to describe it, but you will feel something about RY4 mixed with a strong tobacco note.

Red Sunset concentrated flavor. We had to produce this concentrated flavor due to thousand of requests from our customers. The ready to vape liquid is a hit. A fresh mix between a red fruit and a balsamic taste. Fresh and delicate it can drive you to a whole day vaping experience. Mint and anice are mixed and balanced with red fruits for a fresh and natural taste.

Starbis concentrated flavor. A concentrated flavor for lovers of tea time relax. A soft and delicious biscuit, absolutely light and sweet mixed with a blend note of cinnamon. A perfect mix to vape all day long with no stop.

Usa Mix concentrated flavor. Another Best Seller from our tobbaco line. The real and classic american tobacco mix and live a sensational experience with the best USA selection.

Vanilla Custard concentrated flavor. Absolutly one of the best creams you can find on the market. This natural and cremous Vanilla Custard is absolutly one the main products to be use in american style mix. A flavor you cannot miss in your collection


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Delixia Essenze Concentrate

Delixia Essenze Concentrate

Aromi concentrati per diluizione Delixia by Vaporart
Made in Italy