If you are a retailer, you can get special discounts:
1) Firstly, you need to register to our website through the following link:
2) Send an email to with your personal data, for example:
John Smith's E-cigarette 
34, Penny Lane
Newham, London
VAT number 12345678912 (IMPORTANT!! If you are a sole trader, your Tax code is fundamental)
Phone number: 0044 1 355461
3) Wait for the email confirming that you are a qualified retailer
4) Prices are VAT excluded 
5) Invoice will be shipped together with goods
6) There is no minimum order quantity 
7) It is possible to pay by credit card, paypal, postepay, wire transfer. Paypal and postepay are faster than the other methods of payment.
8) Shipping costs are calculated automatically depending on goods weight.
9) Shipping is free for private customers only.
10) Orders are shipped by express courier 24 hours after payment. If you pay through wire transfer, shipping will take longer.
11) The quantity shown online is actual.
12) All the products are original, except for those claimed as "clones".
13) You will receive the newsletter about new products.